About Neolith® Collections

Merging of two great times in a single expression.

Classtone, Neolith® collection inspired by the most exclusive marbles, enhances the beauty and functionality of any given space where it is applied thanks to its unmatched design richness and its advanced technical characteristics.

Natural sophistication.

The Fusion Collection is the result of the sellection of different natural stones and industrial elements with the aim of getting their essences and fusing them with an accentuated urban synthesis.

Inspiration and innovation come together in the Fusion collection to reinvent construction materials such as concrete or cement with different fi nishes that will evoke sensations to the sight and touch.

The strength of the metallic shining.

Among metals, iron acquires prominence associated with rosty surfaces changed by years and characterized by an aged chromaticism that provides peronality and beauty.

Neolith® incorporates to this collection rusty models inspired in homogeneous and aggressive metals that do not vary with time. Available in five models.

Basic colors taken to the most beautiful definition.

The Colorfeel collection is characterized by a large variety of fullbody colors, neutral and bright tones that perfectly blend with the rest of Neolith® collections, as well as with other architectural elements.

Stylish warmth.

Neolith® faithfully interprets the wood, enhancing its own characteristics to create cozy and serene spaces.

In combination with the innate durability properties of Neolith®, this provides an innovative aesthetic and technical response.

Steel, the Neolith® collection that is inspired by stainless steel.

With a dark grey tone, Steel Marengo combines a metallic refl ection and a steel like effect to the characteristics inherent to our Sintered Stones. Steel Marengo is the ideal alternative to stainless steel.