The right installation system
for every project

HC System

This option developed for Neolith® cladding, consists of a hidden support system using chemical elastic longitudinal fixation mounting on vertically “T”-shaped or “L”-shaped profiles, depending on whether the profiles match the joints between Neolith® slabs or if they are reinforcing the center of the joint and supporting the bearing through retention or sustentation brackets.

VM System

This system consists of a metallic self-supporting substructure kit for ventilated façades, designed to support ceramic coatings of different formats and thicknesses. It has been developed for Neolith® façades based on a visible mechanical fastening system composed of sustentation and retention brackets, vertical “T” or “L”-shaped profiles and safety clips upon which the cladding system rests.

Strongfix System

The Strongfix system is a mixed hidden longitudinal fastening system (chemical and mechanical), which works by the compression exerted by the system on the back of the Neolith® tile.

Thin-Set Vanner System

Thin-set application its one of the most common facades system. Neolith® confers a very light solution with no maintenance and proposing a large possibilities of designs.