Neolith Aspen Grey

Aspen Grey

Aspen Grey is the all-new Neolith model presented in Full Body, launched after the Pierre Bleue model. This matte grey stone is inspired by the natural stone found in Aspen. With the additional endless microelements randomly distributed over the entire piece, Aspen Grey guarantees depth and eye-catching character. Just as NDD technology is used for the Pierre Bleue model, the Aspen Grey decoration is not only featured on the surface but rather on the entire slab.

Available in 1/4″ and 1/2″ and in the Silk finish, it’s the ideal design for creating textures for interior and exterior paneling, flooring, kitchen and bathroom countertops and furniture.

Design Variations

To prevent repeated designs in some 1/4″ thick models, variations have been created which will be randomly sent with orders for these colors without the possibility of choosing the design as occurs with other models like Estatuario 1, 4, 5, for example.