Neolith Concrete Taupe

Concrete Taupe

Following the path marked by one of the most popular models launched in 2015, Concrete Taupe differs from its predecessor Beton in its brown color and warmer tone. In accordance with current trends in industrial design, the slab tells a timeless story with a worn finish.

The model suggests the generation of natural rust yet with added micas for a subtle shine. TheSize has updated, modernized and created another facet for the slab. Available in 1/4″ and 1/2″ thicknesses in Silk finish, Concrete Taupe is the ideal neutral model for a number of applications ranging from interiors, exteriors, paneling and furniture.

Design Variations

To prevent repeated designs in some 1/4″ thick models, variations have been created which will be randomly sent with orders for these colors without the possibility of choosing the design as occurs with other models like Estatuario 1, 4, 5, for example.