570 Broome:
a revolutionary skyscraper in the heart of New York City

355,210 sq ft of Neolith® + PURETi specified for a self-cleaning, air-purifying façade

Standing at nearly 330 feet tall in downtown New York City is 570 Broome, a brand-new 25-storey building nestled between bustling Soho and Hudson Square. This marvel of modern design, clad with a stunning glazed curtain wall, consists of 54 luxury boutique residential units as well as a commercial component at ground level.

The skyscraper, designed by Manhattan architectural firm builtd, is inspired by its setting: a whimsical combination of contemporary and contextual elements which define its environment.

Neolith®, the pioneering brand of Sintered Stone, was specified across the whole façade, framing three-stories high expanses of glass which capture spectacular vistas of downtown and the Hudson River. The overall design is symbolic of NYC’s rich history by way of the tower’s soaring ceiling heights and a silhouette evocative of staggered cubes.

Self-cleaning facades in the sun or rain

Due to the project’s location near the heavily-congested Holland Tunnel, the client wanted to deliver a durable, low-maintenance building that could withstand physical damage. Also stain-resistant and impervious to natural and man-made atmospheric deterioration, such as UV-rays and car exhaust fumes. Neolith® had all these features, proving to be the ideal material.

The Neolith® projects team suggested using a special surface developed in partnership with a NASA-offshoot, photocatalytic treatment company PURETi. An innovation that builtd’s chief architect, Tahir Demircioglu, saw as the perfect complement to the skyscraper.

We initially selected Neolith panels for their lightness and aesthetic qualities, but once we found out it came with this added-extra, we were like, of course!

Tahir Demircioglu, builtd.

The application of this exclusive water-based solution on Neolith® slabs enhances the surface, transforming it into a self-cleaning air purifier which helps to improve air quality and keep the surfaces clean.

The ingenious technology also has the ability to reduce air pollution by destroying Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that contact the treated stone, solely using the energy from natural sunlight.

It’s a huge plus that PURETi treated slabs also limit the amount of maintenance required. Instead of using chemicals and power-washing the façade, the material is hydrophilic so it cleans itself.

Tahir Demircioglu, builtd.

Neolith Custom Made Colors

355,210 sq ft of PURETi-treated Neolith® Jura Limestone. A custom color exclusively produced by Neolith® for this project, with PURETi treatment and a thickness of 1/2”.

As Limestone is a traditional cladding choice for luxury buildings, it was the perfect color option, standing in contrast to the smooth glazed surfaces of the building’s curtain wall.

We knew it would be the ideal material for this project and a great choice for a ventilated façade. With the assistance of Megaker, the makers of an inorganic, porous skeleton structure, we were able to design and document the perfect cladding system with the precision of a Swiss watch.
Tahir Demircioglu, builtd.

Unalterable and sustainable architecture

Neolith has become known as one of the safest, most hygienic and sustainable materials available to specifiers, without compromising on performance and visual appeal.

This project marks an important milestone in the partnership between Neolith and PURETi. 570 Broome is one of the largest projects in which the treated slabs have been specified. It’s truly awe-inspiring.

Neolith’s CMO, Mar Esteve.

There can be no doubt that this is a game changer in the way that we approach urban planning and construction. We believe this will have a highly positive impact on the lives of both 570 Broome’s residents and New York City citizens in general. Neolith is an ultra-hygienic, carbon neutral surfacing material that has been built over a decade of commercial and consumer specification. Hopefully this example will encourage other architects and specifiers globally to adhere to the same ESG criteria that Neolith follows and consider greener façade options for future high-rise projects.

Neolith’s CMO, Mar Esteve.

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