Neolith New York - New York

New York – New York

People say if you find success in the Big Apple, you can go anywhere. That would no doubt be the case of New York – New York by Neolith®. This attractive surface is inspired by the contagious energy felt in the big city with its iconic avenues and majestic skyscrapers.

In response to a renewed interest in concrete and cement for interior uses, especially for work surfaces, its greyish characteristics provide a modern and urban style for all sorts of applications. The addition of a Full Body edge brings a very realistic look to this special surface that blends particles in matte and bright tones to create a pleasant visual effect. Available in 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ | Silk Finish

Responding to a revival of interest in beton and concrete for interior applications, particularly worktops. With distinctive grey tones it offers an on-trend, urban style suitable for all surfacing applications. Incorporating a fully body edge is highly realistic, and a special surface which blends matt and shine particles to create a pleasing visual effect.

Design Variations

To prevent repeated designs in some 1/4″ thick models, variations have been created which will be randomly sent with orders for these colors without the possibility of choosing the design as occurs with other models like Estatuario 1, 4, 5, for example.

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